Friday, April 12, 2013

National Portrait Gallery

I had some time today and spent it in the National Portrait Gallery.

I was particularly interested in the National Photographic Portrait Prize 2013 as I had gone last year and thought this year would be an interesting contrast. Also depending on how my own photography improves this year and if I have anything I feel worthy I’d like to enter some competitions this year so why not aim for the moon.

imageAs I walked around the exhibition I found several pieces that caught my attention, I initially stated taking notes in Evernote on my iPad which seemed to take forever and really took the focus away from what I liked so I started taking Photos of the Description Plaques (I wonder if they have real names) even while security staff stood next to me, so I figured it was cool. After all the alternative is write down everything they say while others wait for you to move on.

I totally understand why the portraits are protected and honestly who in their right mind would take a photo in the gallery when images of this quality are available on the galleries web site (note I am linking these images to that source not making my own copy here. So if the gallery takes them down they will not appear here either) but the descriptions really?? Anyway a different guard came up to me and said “No Photography” I asked the portraits I understand but I’m recording the plaques for later reference is that okay? His response “No Photography, in this Gallery”. Seemed he didn’t want to engage in answering my question to my satisfaction and I didn’t want to engage him in a way that would ruin my day so closed the cover and continued on my visit. I would be super keen to hear opinion from someone who knows the answer because I’d really like to be able to look further into pieces and do the preliminary work as efficiently as possible.

Now the exhibit itself…, as I walked around I saw a lot that really caught me eye and even a couple of oh wow moments and I think I was not even close to what the judges thought and that's fine. I wonder if there is scope for an education session covering what the panel looks for and how they came to their choices I think it would be really interesting. If this already happens I’d be keen to find out how to get notified of it happening.

These are my favourites from today and why I liked them its possible I’m Robinson Crusoe in my choices too.

Dennis Del Favero,

by Hamish Ta-mé

This was the first piece I saw and immediately thought polarising filter dude! Then I looked a little longer and realised the inability to see the eyes drew me to keep looking
Harry, by Milena Bennett

I agree candid shots of people unaware of the photographer, particularly obviously in there own thoughts really speak to me.
Bean no more, by Quentin Jones

I enjoy this photo because it is a photo of the Actor Rowan Atkinson and truly not Mr Bean. I photograph lots of people, displaying their alter ego many of whom I don’t think I’d recognise in real life.

This is obviously Rowan
Train travellers, by John Van-Den-Broeke

I like the fun and the reflections, I also like the the other people going about their business.
It stuck with me also regarding the competition rules about permission of subjects. Would we need to get all 6? Would I want to wake them?
To Bare all, by Nicholas Duell

I love the lighting, it makes for a beautiful photo. My eyes are completely drawn to her eyes, even though they are easily lost in shadow. This does not strike me as a brave photo of an older woman as the photographer suggests it is just a beautiful photo.
Cropped to a head shot I’d still love it, maybe even more.
Birds' nests, by Rewa Nolan

This could be my daughter, in fact everyone's daughter, mine frowns like this because of the brushing that follows.
I’m not sure that this doesn’t touch every parents heart. That moment is common but not everyone has this photo in their portfolio
Morse coder, by Richard Goodwin

Just a great photo, I went back many times because I couldn’t stop looking for what I liked. I think these are the best photos, I still can’t tell you what I like.
Confronted, by Tim Tam

I am starting to appreciate street art and need to engage more with it, and the city scenes where I find it…
Not sure the 24HR Security Surveillance is helping here making it more interesting.

All images liked from original source on National Portrait Galley – National Photographic Portrait Prize 2013 Page
Yhonnie and Indiana, by Janelle LowCarly, by Nick BowersKaloti Parmjit, by Louise WhelanJack, by Julie Robyn SundbergBonnie, by Charlie WhiteEddie Liu, by David Kelly
Dennis Del Favero, by Hamish Ta-méFace of South Sudan, by Melanie Faith DoveRobyn Nevin, by Gary HeeryWoman, child and a parrot, by Stephen DupontThe Singer, by Richard PayneUntitled #1, by Ahmad Sabra
Wyattt, by Daniel ArnaldiReg, by James BrickwoodChris Lilley, by John TsiavisPortrait of Ingvar Kenne, by Simon HarsentBruce Pascoe, by Ivan GaalWhat the world needs now is love, by Jeremy Shaw
Shirley and the Kookaburras, by Heather Shirley FernonRedfern, I love you - Alan, by Ben LawrenceKatie and Jaylen Cornish, by Morganna MageePeter, Silverton, NSW, by Krystal SeigermanMillie, by Phil RoubinBirds' nests, by Rewa Nolan


Monday, March 25, 2013

If that's the season opener… Count me in #CRDL

I recently said …

Even if I hated Derby (as if) I find the bad light and fast pace a real challenge (Photographically) so that would keep me coming take away everything else. Truth be told I really like the pace and homebrew feel of the leagues and all the derby girl I have chatted with are also lovely amazing women so totally hooked.

20130323-CRDL RBBH vs BB-181009-6.jpgThis year I’m a season ticket holder (CRDL) and wonder where I will be next year? Not sure I want to grow the business I have, and being a sponsor would therefore be about support for the league not growth for a business. I wonder if there is a class of sponsor that doesn't want the adverting? Wondering what benefits there are in being a sponsor?  Support is not all about money perhaps.

I love Roller Derby and my opinion goes from strength to strength, although the photographic aspects are a main attraction for me, the whole thing is really positive.

Go to a Derby Bout and look for a drunk idiot sure there are people who have had a drink or two past their fill but I am yet to see an idiot. I think it is in no small part due to the atmosphere.

  • Derby bouts are kid friendly events and there are lots of them, pretty nice to the see babies with hear protection they are on the whole totally cute,
  • Derby bouts are run by the skaters for the skaters, and they have the feel of a big family,
  • Derby bouts are action packed, highly competitive events, with the greatest degree of Sports(wo)menship I’ve seen in adult sports,
  • Derby makes you smile even if things are not perfect, you forget the little things and appreciate the spectacle plus if you let go let yourself enjoy the whole thing you wont care who wins.

The first bout this year was the Red Bellied Black Hearts vs The Brindabelters also the first bout in the Canberra league played under the revised 2013 rules. The bout was close and the winner changed between the unofficial score and the final result but it was a wonderful start to the season and of course I'm really looking forward to the Surly Griffins vs The Black 'n' Blue Belles next month.

BTW the Belters won but your can’t tell from these pictures

20130323-CRDL RBBH vs BB-200348.jpg20130323-CRDL RBBH vs BB-200818.jpg20130323-CRDL RBBH vs BB-200952.jpg20130323-CRDL RBBH vs BB-181735.jpg

The full set of Photos from the night are …

20130323-CRDL RBBH vs BB-181009-6.jpg20130323-CRDL RBBH vs BB-172109.jpg20130323-CRDL RBBH vs BB-172110.jpg20130323-CRDL RBBH vs BB-172128.jpg20130323-CRDL RBBH vs BB-172552.jpg20130323-CRDL RBBH vs BB-172628.jpg
20130323-CRDL RBBH vs BB-180752.jpg20130323-CRDL RBBH vs BB-180922-2.jpg20130323-CRDL RBBH vs BB-180937.jpg20130323-CRDL RBBH vs BB-181735.jpg20130323-CRDL RBBH vs BB-182716-4.jpg20130323-CRDL RBBH vs BB-183224.jpg
20130323-CRDL RBBH vs BB-183707.jpg20130323-CRDL RBBH vs BB-183726.jpg20130323-CRDL RBBH vs BB-183727-2.jpg20130323-CRDL RBBH vs BB-183810.jpg20130323-CRDL RBBH vs BB-184111-2.jpg20130323-CRDL RBBH vs BB-184207.jpg
20130323-CRDL RBBH vs BB-184520.jpg20130323-CRDL RBBH vs BB-184522.jpg20130323-CRDL RBBH vs BB-184528-2.jpg20130323-CRDL RBBH vs BB-184618.jpg20130323-CRDL RBBH vs BB-184824.jpg20130323-CRDL RBBH vs BB-184843.jpg

CRDL 2013 Season RBBH vs BB, a set on Flickr.